Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Year, New Entry

 It's been quite sometime since the last entry and to be honest I completely forgot that I have a blog! Wow, rumour about taking medicine is actually true. Naah, I actually kind of lost my interest in posting some-entry-diary-feelings thingy. The thing that actually triggers my little piece of heart to come back and write someting before-it-disappears is one of my old friend blog entry. I accidentally googled my own name and my friend's entry popped up! It's really sad to read it though. All the memories are just so....Oh I miss them so mucho!

I am really proud of them, we are all in different places taking different courses and some are taking just the same as mine, and they are laughing and having fun with different people. Well, that is life. You have to move on, go to new places, meet new friends and enjoy yourself to the fullest. But there is one time, at one point when you sit down and you look and sift through all your past memories and then, suddenly, all the joys at the past start to rush in. You started to reminisce how much fun you were in high school. My teacher once said, the greatest memory of all is the memory of your high school life.

And that is true, so fucking freaking true. All the joy, pain, sorrow I had experienced back in high school cannot be traded with gold and money. They are just damn precious memories that you want to keep on replay over and over again. These memories always bring me good laughter everytime I try to keep track on how fool I was back then. My friends were great now and then, eventho I think some of them changed, and maybe they think I changed as well. Yeah, I think I did. I feel kind of sad whenever i saw their pictures on Facebook and all I can recognize is their face. It has been about 3 years or so and new names keep emerging so it is quite hard to remember hundreds of names.

I spent a lot of time at school and less time with my family. I hate all the chaos, the bullying, the antis, problems at school but these are all the things that made my high school life merrier and alive. I didnt want to study all day, eventhough that was what I actually do in the past but now evrything has changed. I am more to "enjoy the moment" and study smart as well. I am not that tiny teeny nerdy teenagers anymore, I am almost twenty one by next month. Ok I dont know why I am typing all these bullshit things. All i want to say is I really miss my school life but I dont want to re-live my highschool, I just miss all the good things I experienced there, my friends, teachers and staffs (i dont know why the staffs are included, but it wont complete without them).

Reading some of my friends blog about the "2010 glory" really moved me. It was not really all about me. It is about us. I wont open the book if you didnt ask me questions, I wont study so hard if you didnt ask me to teach you, I wont think hard if you didnt give me hard questions. I wont say because if you dont ask me why.That all make me, well what I am right now. That's why whenever my little juniors ask me how to excel in exams, well, after you think you have mastered them all, teach your friends who are in need, because they might have some questions that can make you think deeper and help you in return. Dont be selfish okay!

BTW, I really miss school. I miss the classroom (form five only), library where we used to hang out and online whenever we want, koop where all of us get busy and gossiping and bossing the juniors around, dorms, dining hall where we would freak out if JLo is looking around to target people who wear slippers, basketball court, DSK where everything nice happened here, except when I got a haircut during inspection. huh, bad days.

My friends are all busy right now and i dont really see the time to hang out with them again this few months but I hope when the time comes, let's have a blast!

Friday, 30 November 2012

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is already available for download! i really need to upgrade my iTunes. So coming with iTunes 11, what does it offers? what is the new interface? if you want to download iTunes 11, please click here

so the theme is 'simplicity is a beautiful thing'.  iTunes is remodeled and they said it is getting better. and easier as well.  

what really fascinates me is the expanded view. you can see it. play it. and explore selecting your albums, it will expand in place. For simple, you can browse through your musics without to click back to your library.

Plus, what's interesting for me is the whole look for the store. It is well designed for us, the user and perfectly in tune. It is easier to browse than the past designs.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dinner Bersama Charleen dan Winny :)

assalamualaikum dan salam semalaysia

Graduation Day is the day awaited for all the juniors because we will get free dinner by the graduating seniors!! CHARLEEN and WINNY. That was the first time for us the first years to meet the seniors, so its kinda awkward actually but we managed to overcome the barriers in one night. it was an awesome, i mean really awesome night. we are expecting some hard tasks by the seniors (because we just had our orientation- this is one part of orientation as well). but hell no. no task, no crazy stuff, just fill in the stomach.

As we want to give some great impressions to the seniors, so we (the freshies) actually prepared something special for them.we re-choreographed gangnam style dance-borneon-style (because it was a hit and everyone knows about it) and thank god they loved it so much. Eventhough none of us give our best (a lot of people watching and some of them even recorded us!!) . From what i remember, they laughed the most during the elevator scene. all in all, we are happy that night.

here are some of the pictures i managed to collect, a creditation to miss alicia lya for her magnificent DSLR.

this one is from Winny's dinner. Indian cuisine, i ate a lot.

the girls pretending to be sexy.
 left: azean, abel,alicia,marcella

i miss this place a lot. nice place winny!

again, taking pictures non-stop.

 the lovely winny is on the left side with the brown hand bag.
thanks for the great food and place!

yummy isnt it?

i even love the drinks, you can refill

ok this is from Charleen, she is my superior buddy. Plus, she is indeed pretty and kind!

we were having dinner here, i did the bookings *proudproud*

beautiful Charleen with lovely shoes we bought for her.

again, take two. without the shoes.

me and charleen for the presents-giving-session
charles and keith shoes. expensive lorr just for a shoe!

all the first years with Charleen!

what is great with this buddyline is, you will have a lot of contacts for sure, and you will have them to work with you as a doctor later when the time arrives. seriously i miss this moment so much! thanks for creating another great moment in my life. *sobs*

MY beloved BUDDY!!

assalamualaikum dan salam maju jaya,

it's been a while dear readers, buka blog, kosong ,teda org baca*sedih*. 

setelah lama berdiam diri, terasa ter-push untuk post sesuatu disini. khas bagi mereka-mereka yang ingin tahu perkembangan gue *merah pipi*

Sebelum melangkah lebih jauh, biar gue celheta cedikit pashal gue punya pelkembangan. Disebabkan terpaksa, kini sedang melanjutkan pelajaran di UM (bkn University Of Manchester), di Malaysia onley. taking Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS). bakal doktor la konon nih *merah pipi lagi*

Dalam UM ni, yang paling gue suka, ada sub-family, banyak kawan yang akan sentiasa ada dan sangat prihatin. Main thing dalam entry gue kali ni, nak emphasize pasal buddy system yang telah lama dipraktikkan oleh pelajar-pelajar di fakulti perubatan . ok nak tunjuk gambar buddy dulu.

saya mau juga tag ni gambar dorg

paling belakang:
fadhil (1st year), ehem*lupa* (MO sdh tu), salfarinah (1st year), ermawaty (1st year), farahin (1st year)

di separa tengah:
reuben(1st year), AIZAN (1st year)

di tengah:
totoi aka gerald (5th year), marcella (4th year), irish( 2nd year)

separa depan:
sarah (5th year), charleen (HO skrg, lepas graduate)

boniventure (3rd year), alicia(4th year), neysa(4th year), nicole (2nd year)

sebenarnya banyak lagi yang lain. tapi nanti-nanti lah sy maw tag. panat.

to be honest, i am very grateful to have them as part of my learning life in UM. They helped me and my friends a lot and I hope our bonds will last forever. :)


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